Smart Gadgets Unite!

Smart Watches and Health Trackers need to elope and become one, and then maybe create a cool offspring. Because like most humans, I only have two wrists and it’s a standing rule to only wear one watch-like gadget on a wrist at a time.

Sure, Smart Watch and Health Tracker are both pretty useful, pretty cool gadgets but they need to get married. And they need to do it ASAP, because jogging weather is right around the corner!

So, what I want is a hybrid, something that I can use when I’m at the park jogging and can use when I’m done jogging and walking to the car, because yes I did take that Oprah oath to not use a cellphone when driving. So a Smart Watch makes perfect sense.

So Samsung, Sony, Basis and Meta and Pebble, make it happen. And oh, why you’re at it… slim it down! It’s kind of hard to look cool and sexy when there’s a big chunk of technology on your wrist.


Oh and if you could have another addition by December, please have something super sleek and fashionable. Something for a lady to wear, with a modest amount of bling for Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

That would be nice.

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