Someone asked me, what is my intention?  I suspect the long answer would gain more notice than the short.  And that people who know me would presume they always knew and those, just now getting to know me would think, they thought so…  Both would be right.

I think.  That’s the whole point to anything that I write, anything I say and anything that I do or might do.  It could very well be my disclaimer.  My only attempt to get you, the reader to think as well.

Lately I’ve found myself letting go of people and leaving my comfort zone.  It was just how my life was panning out, there was no great argument and no dissent, just the natural evolution of growing; and growing apart.  I’d like to think that we’re all still inherently connected, but who really can tell.  Life being a series of events and places, people and things that move us along.

But know this, today… I thought back and reflected on all that it took me to get here and I remembered the intricate details of having met you.  Whether I held you in my arms, shook your hand or merely waved Hello.


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April 1, 2014 · 10:19 PM

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