Technology Beyond Pink

I was looking at the Verizon’s Jetpack Mi-Fi Hotspot and I thought it was convenient. But then I saw a pair of men’s Wi-Fi cufflinks that offered the same features as the Jetpack and I thought, “Why aren’t there more cool gadgets like that for women?”


Sure there’s the pink for little girl syndrome, but really there’s nothing for the full grown women. And that’s when I realized, we share in technology, but it’s not being developed with women in mind. When a new gadget comes along, we’re so enamored by what features it has, that we overlook the drab colors, grayish or black.

Then, later when it’s re-released there are new colors usually bright, often pink, but it’s more of an after- thought. And here’s the marketing genius– if they can’t sell the pink versions on the first go round, they can always pawn it off during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. What other product has that going for it? And I do see this as a good thing.

But Women in the U.S. have an amazing amount of buying power, yet we’re mostly ignored when it comes to new inventive technology? (And it should be noted, that sub-grouping to fill a niche, such as mothers and mothers-to-be, is not necessarily technology for women.)

Technology is not about domestication it’s about domination; developed to empower and not simply to improve the quality of life. No great wonder that some of the greatest inventions have been made during war-time. Just look at WWII– radar, radio navigation, nuclear power, jet engines and yes, the computer; all invented during that time. Which brings me back to the beginning of this post and the men’s USB, Wi-Fi cufflinks, both dapper and purposeful.

You’ll want to know how to work them… When the lights go low, and the wireless router drops out; connect the cable directly to your laptop and plug your Wi-Fi “jewelry” into the USB port. Voilà! You have a hotspot and another reason why technology needs to be less sexist. Think beyond pink.

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