Smoking, Yup There’s Technology For That

Finally, April is here!  It seems only a few weeks ago, I passed a small group of office workers huddled outdoors, smoking cigarettes with their backs exposed to the harsh New England weather.  And I thought how foolish; there must be a gadget for that, and there is, it’s called eCigarettes.   But then I thought, maybe they just didn’t know, because if they did why would they be outdoors in the cold?  And if they did know, why hadn’t they made the switch? 

I grew up in a different time, when people smoked indoors. Offices and restaurants all had ashtrays and smoking was cool, sexy and glamorous.  Movie stars smoked, television personalities smoked, hell even Fred Flintstone smoked!  Women were told that we had earned the right to smoke.   And Virginia Slims had an awe inspiring ad campaign, which depicted the historical progression of women in America, from suffragists to modern short skirts, that even had a catchy jingle:   “You’ve come a long way baby to get where they got today.  You’ve got your own cigarette now baby; you’ve come a long, long way.” Virginia Slims also endorsed women’s Professional Tennis, without which we’d be left wondering would there have been two sisters playing tennis named Williams.

Smoking has been and remains very profitable, its addictive and ensures generations of smokers. It also pours money into the healthcare system, the gift of chronic lung and pulmonary disease. And not everyone has a problem with smoking, re not interested in using the technology as a cessation tool, it can also lower your exposure to health risks?  And isn’t that what technology is meant to do?

To improve the quality of life and perhaps to extend it?  Which brings me back to that group of people outdoors in the freezing cold, huddled together just to smoke a cigarette.  It seems senseless.  They need to know that there’s a better way.  That there’s technology for that and it’s called eCigarette.

And if it can’t be advertised on television, maybe there’ll be an RSS feed of a social media blitz, retweets on Twitter, and status updates on Facebook to let smokers know, that there’s technology for smoking and yup, there’s an APP for that.


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