Technology Outside the Pink Box

pink box
It’s no longer an Easy Bake Oven Era for little girls in America. Finally, fairy tales and Barbie dolls will be less effective in shaping her future. Thank goodness!

Successful women, like Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and Arianna Huffington are inspirational and proof positive, that women are capable of making it on their own merit.

Where once little boys dreamt of sports and little girls dreamt of tap dancing and song to get ahead, both dream of sports. A direct result of professional sports, like women’s soccer and basketball. And NCAA successful athletic programs like the University of Connecticut’s women’s basketball team.

All of this has given girls other options, a chance to think outside the pink gender box. Technology, as a societal tool has done more to advance her, even if it hasn’t led to a great many CEO positions. It has a transparency, a distraction that has allowed women to progress, that is she’s no longer held back.

Girls can now be their own hero. She can change the engine oil in her car, or more empowering she can pay to have it done for her. The princess and the little damsel are no longer in distress, victims of an unbalanced society. She has choices.

Sadly, it’s not equal, yet there’s much to get excited about, there’s a conversation going on and policies do, will and must change. Gender orientation in American society will change. It has to, for as much as it’s an integral part of our lives; it’s also a part of the problem.

Believe it or not, it begins in the maternity wards, where little color-coded bracelets separate the babies– a little blue one for boys and a little pink one for girls. Good intentioned adults respond to the colored bands, which then allow gender orientation to be pressed upon a baby.

Maybe we would do better to raise our babies according to what’s inside their brains, instead of what’s inside their diapers. It’s time to think outside the pink box.

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