Social Media: A Women’s Right

There’s that part of me, who like a child continues to believe that America will get it right.  And then a day like last Friday happens, when politicians are more representative of Lucy’s opinion of Charlie Brown, they’re “blockheads”, than they are of their own voting bloc. 

Women are smart, innovative and also very good at negotiating, (ask any congressman how his mother got him to eat his vegetables).  It’s not rocket science, but rather the slow evolution of the Equal Pay Act, that was signed in 1963. So slow, that it’s almost as if time is standing still! 

And then there’s that whole pesky thing about taking time to be mothers, to grow a nation.  And to be daughters, to take care of an aging nation.  And to be wives, lovers, partners and caretakers of a nation that requires nurturing.  

It requires a great stamina, especially when you’re expected to do the country’s nurturing for free, during wartime, after wartime and in between time.   And then to never be paid, it begs the question:

If women aren’t encouraged to build and nurture the nation, then who will? 

And that’s when I got it.  Really, really understood the reason why women are systematically held back, it’s not because we’re unworthy, but because we’re the caretakers; the nurturers.

So, there have been no union rousers, no shouts of foul play and no labor strikes, no bus boycotts for women’s rights.  There’s been no substantial outburst from Oprah and no concise explanation from Hilary.  In fact, it was Mrs. Lilly Ledbetter who had gathered with a group of women to observe President Obama’s signing of the Equal Pay Act that gave us our only photo op, before the deed was done and quickly undone.

I’m only remembering now, because I tweeted about it on Twitter. 

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April 24, 2014 · 2:01 PM

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