Free Knowledge, Must Bring Your Own Container

New gadgetry is allowing us to re-train the brain and learn all kinds of new things! And the Internet of Things (IoT) just made learning really cool.

If there’s a lesson book on the art of aging, I’ve never read it. But I do know that age has a way of leveling the playing field, that is no amount of toned muscle and body mass will make you a competitor in the next Olympics.

Wisdom keeps life in perspective. A subtle reminder that the brain, unlike the body is more forgiving; and old adages like, “You can’t teach old dog new tricks”, just aren’t true anymore. You can retrain the brain and learn. That is, you can teach old dog new tricks, but usually he’s just a tad slower on the uptake.

Enter a smorgasbord of technology, a Tsunami of technology from Machine to Machine (M2M) to the Internet of Things (IoT) this is real, it’s large and apparently we Baby Boomers have arrived just in time, because if we arrived later, it would’ve went “swoosh” right over our heads!

I recently visited the Home Booth at AARP Life@50+ and spoke with Nono Kusuma an engineer. He showed me quite a bit of HOME technology, those things that we wouldn’t usually associate with technology, say like a light bulb. Yes, there’s an App for that and “Hue”, a lighting system by Philips.

Home security systems, the Do-It-Yourself variety that didn’t but could be used in conjunction with a monitoring company, your cable provider or direct to your Smartphone. Yes, there’s an App for that, in fact, nearly everything that I suggested, from temperature control to venetian blinds that open and closed, had an App. The Internet of things is real.

I was reminded of my old home security system, years ago we had the electric timer. We’d plug it into the wall outlet and plug the appliance, lamp or radio into it. We’d set the clock dial to AM/PM, pick the time and we’d head out in the station wagon to that cabin in the mountains. Voilà!

After a while we got creative and used two timers, at one end of the house we’d plug in a radio and at the other a light bulb. At night the empty house would have a radio on and lights would go out or vice versa.

Fortunately for us, we always came home to a tightly secured house. We’ll never know whether it was the efficiency of the blaring radio or the light bulb; or if it was just pure luck. But whatever the case, we did return to a house that was as we had left it, that is locked.

In fact, the only unpleasant part about coming home was that the house was overheated. But even that small inconvenience is a thing of the past, because the house temperature can be controlled by the Smartphone. Yes, there’s an App for that.

The business of learning doesn’t go away with age. It does however change, bringing its own set of rewards– coming home to a secure house that’s cool inside, that’s just one of life’s joys.

Free knowledge, must bring your own container.

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