For Another Time

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I was listening to music on the radio, when the Dee-Jay invited listeners to call in with their stories.

One young woman called in to say that she had recently lost 150 pounds. Happiness oozed from the airwaves. She said that after years of being teased and bullied; she had been plagued by obesity. And although she lived with the fear of putting the weight back on, she carried a photograph of herself, a “Self-Fattie” she called it; it was both a reminder and a deterrent.

I paused. Having grown up during the “Leave It to Beaver” Mrs. Cleaver era of stringed pearls and frilly aprons; I appreciated the caller’s honesty. I never looked like my Barbie doll and I never resembled the models in the magazines.

For many girls, growing up and not quite fitting into a “one size fits all” world is very difficult. I was moved by the discussion, but the moment didn’t last.

“We’re so happy you can fit into your skinny jeans!” the female disc jockey chuckled, then hung up from the caller.
And just like that, she cut off the stream of social consciousness.

“We’re heading into a commercial free hour of music,” she announced, and mentioned a possible rain shower.

I thought about the caller and bullying– from the schoolyards to cyber- bullying on the internet. It warranted further discussion, especially with a female disc jockey; part of a social triumphant moment. The music started and a voice sang “don’t it feel good?”

Normally, I would’ve sung along, belted out the chorus…

Perhaps, at another time.

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