Technygal & Me


My Painting

One year ago I started this blog & created a webpage and purchased a domain.  And here we are… still.

There’s a part of me, who wants to pick up my pallet & paint brushes.  To mix paints, colors… like coloring with Crayola crayons.   Except I paint in acrylics.  Thick brush strokes on white canvas, then I could tell a different story in a different way…

Naw, I like my words too much!

See this is where I B’Log 🙂


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2 responses to “Technygal & Me

  1. Dan

    Mine is about a year and a half old now. I still love writing, but i have slowed down some, well a lot compared to the first year. Life has been a bit busier this year. I don’t find as much time to read and comment either. I am hoping that changes. Congrats on still hanging in there.

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