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In Pursuit of Perpetual Motion

# Forget Tech

Perpetual Motion, it seems that would be the ultimate of all technology. That unlike life itself, a thing would go on and on.

Since the 13th century, when the first wood engraving of a perpetual motion machine was drawn (though never successfully made), the concept of a machine that would run forever has been elusive to mankind.  But why, we’ve had other dreams that seemed equally unattainable and yet, they came true.

Take for instance, man’s trip to the moon.  A theory of manned flights and space travel, where rockets went into dark space and returned, safely!

And that’s exactly what Wernher von Braun was able to achieve. One of the world’s leading rocket engineers von Braun convinced the world that he could place a manned rocket ship onto the moon, and return him back to earth!

It must’ve been a huge stretch of imagination, cemented with a firm faith and equal parts of an astronaut’s courage and bravery.

Even now, it’s an amazing feat.   But back then, Wow!

Not only convincing people that it could be done, but to actually determine space worthy durable materials and to develop multi-stage rocketry, that would be both recoverable and reusable.   What’s truly mind boggling is that he accomplished this with theories, calculations of the moon’s travel, its gravitational pull on the ship, all speculative because duh… no one had been on the moon!

But that’s exactly what technology did, it freed us of earth’s orbital pull.  Once thrust into space, it compensated for the moon’s spin, it slowed and let the moon’s gravity pull the ship in.  Forethought, precision and a predetermined location…. To land , walk, rove and stick a flag into the surface?  Yes, been there done that.

So, in some wispy thought, my mind thinks we should be able to develop a Perpetual Motion machine.  Why not?  We can defy the 1st and 2nd laws of Thermodynamics.  Hell, we’ve defied laws before!  Besides, what if all we really have to do, is to think and make it so?  What if the secret is as simple as visualization?

Might we then imagine ourselves to be more tolerant, more loving and patient with one another?  Maybe we could have Do-Tanks and Think-Tanks, with break-out sessions and toss around ideas and exchange business cards.  What if we could do all this, while realigning the figments of our imaginations into a virtual reality, that we might all do as Rodney King quipped, “All just get along”.

Then, it would be worth it, the ongoing pursuit of Perpetual Motion, technology…

I like the thought  🙂

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