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Teleological Technology & Me

#Open Tech

Most people won’t talk about it, but technology isn’t very friendly.  Ever notice, it never smiles?

There’s a teleological affect that’s inherent in our technology, as if being standoffish is ordained and necessary.    That something so silly as a whirligig could become an airplane propeller is astounding, but it can’t smile.

We can.  I smile, even when I’m not happy.   Not because I’m rich, or that I’ve never known hunger, but for one very simple reason– to put another human-being at ease.   So we might share.

A smile, it’s a whole conversation, without a word passing between us.  No, it doesn’t mean we’re best buds, or I’ll invite you to move into my home.   However it does lay the ground work, that there might be an extension of those amenities as a result of a wordless gesture.

It doesn’t matter that I don’t yet know which language you speak.   We human-beings are versatile, we can learn and adapt.  Especially when we think its worth our while, and sometimes it just makes sense.   So we share information and resources for our survival.  Our commonality expects it of us on the basest of levels, that being survival.   Even before we begin the process of evaluating, vetting and analyzing true intentions; we smile.

Technology can’t, so we’ve given it Emojis.  A cheap replacement for our feelings, facial expressions that convey our intentions.   So, machines can pass along our warm-gushy feeling and treat us virtually the same.  Hence, my cellphone has learnt my likes from yours, and it stands to reason, so has your cellphone.  Likewise your smart device, being as smart as it is, is equally as smart as his; same make, same model and proper updates.   🙂

In fact, technology is so efficient, it could care less who’s using it, switching easily from one user level to the next, neither engaged or distracted by the lack of expertise.   And that’s it!

The real magic of technology is it brings us together by the temporary blindness of our differences.   It’s a skillset that human beings don’t naturally have,  to be devoid of individualism isn’t our focus.

Sadly, distractions like hunger and thirst aren’t only intrusive, they’re necessary.  So is the part about being irrational and divisive, filed under illogical.   But technology has none of that, it has no use of religion, gender bias, race discrimination or politics.

The irony is we want more technology and we want it to be smarter.  That regardless of human use, technology has intrinsic purpose and in order for it to perform, it must be allowed to flourish.   And so it exists without smiling.

iSmile. iPhone and iWonder…

What if there was a detour, where humans stopped and became a little teleological, just like our technology.





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Yesterday’s Tech Now

#Tech Study

Nostalgia.  That word aims to impress, as if every bit of our past is glorious.  Funny, one person’s account of the way it was, seems fairly different from another person’s account.   And those days, really were College Daze.

Technology is changing our perception, what was won’t be and what is, isn’t ours to reminisce over.   Without such strong convictions, our traditions will seem less important.  The past will be less impressive and old authority less oppressive.

The games we play are changing us, free of religion and politics, we ‘re allowed the joy of winning a trillion jewels as we embark onto the next level.  There seems an infinite amount of possibilities and we’re neither bored nor frustrated by this; which is strange.   Stranger still, is the fact that we practice at these games without being made to or told that we must.

We become deeply engaged in an activity that requires time, concentration and we pay to play.  Sure the payment isn’t monetary, so we’re less worried.  But to think, so many finger swipes and so much data, from IP addresses to our likes and dislikes.  Data gathered stored and analyzed, while we play Jewel Hunt!

That’s powerful stuff.

And one day, that stuff will tell our story.  The games we played, what we liked and disliked and who were our friends.  All of this information will be preserved and live-streamed to us,  on a platform called “Our Memories”.    Telling us what we struggled to forget, our stories manipulated into ready fill order:  “iNostalgic”.

We are a changing society, today’s mores and values have replaced our ancestor’s principled beliefs.   So curated arts, culture, and education that was once spoon fed will be outdated.  It’ll be replaced by new inventions, new research and opened to new interpretation.  Long ago vetted information will now be less useful, but technology can’t protect us from ourselves.

Ironically, to enjoy the good, like the orange glow of an Autumn afternoon, we might have to admit the human mind’s ability to filter our memories is positive.  There’s pleasantry associated with remembering the regal day, without the total recall of the argument that preceded the moment, that left him alone, seated in a picture window depicted in a print by Norman Rockwell.   Mercifully, emotions like pain aren’t remembered verbatim.

The Digital Age will have no boundaries, and our memories will be streamed to us intact.  Yours will look eerily similar to mine and mine to his.   Hopefully it’ll be worthwhile, like watching a replay of your favorite sport.  By watching it, perhaps we’ll discern what we did right, what we did wrong and what we could do better.   And then like the games we play, we can practice to get rewards and maybe even reach the next level.

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