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Slotted Technology- Visionary


Dear Reader, if you’re reading this, then we are in all likelihood, still connected like slotted race cars.

But what if technology is a disruption to our way of life?

There’s a part of me that just wants to hurry up and get old, so that I can see innovative technology in its golden years, in all its glory! Both tweaked and fully operational, as it was destined to be and not just downloadable bits & pieces that we agree to patch.

Innovative technology that’s specifically bought & sold, without warranty because it’s guaranteed already fully functioning, as it was designed to do.

It would be extremely nice to have the technology work in my home, as well as it did at Apple’s Genius Bar and be less daunting. Or at the very least, serve beer or cocktail for a user friendly environment.

Because as I go from rock & roll to rocking chairs and Nana launchers, those Lazy-Boy chairs with the easy stand-up lift, I want to glimpse the really good technology.  The kind of technology that improves the human condition and turns lives around.

Truth is, we all need a little more giddy-up and go in our smart technology.  So innovative that we all agree on climate change; we all see our better selves and we realize in  Maya Angelou’s words: “We are more alike my friends, than we are different.”

A future where tolerance is celebrated, patience is enjoyed and respect is doled out in equal proportions.  Surely if we can make driver-less cars without adding slots to our highways and roadways, we can…

Visionaries see that there is more on earth and it’s worthy.   Me?  I’m hurrying up to grow old, so I can catch up to technology & stay connected to people like you.

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