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Technology Express

$$ money train

Technology chugs along at a nice clip, and like passengers on a train we’re part of its movement.

“All aboard!”

Whether we’re ready or not, it forges ahead as if on some imaginary track, intersecting industry and connecting communities and countries, seamlessly. Stops along the way allow people to embark and disembark in a whirlwind of economic supply and demand. There’s a transparency that allows growth and it seems, as we proceed ever onward, on schedule.

Technology has no motives.  With proper instructions, it’ll be efficient in most hands.  From invention to innovation and back again, beta mode or syntax, technology works to make life easier, better.  But we’re nearing the frontier’s edge, the area where we must switch tracks and become something more than fun.

We must anticipate and identify issues that are adverse to the human condition, things like age and climate change on a global scale, require attention and technology that will resolve, improve or at least redirect energies for the better good.

The Digital Age, like the Industrial Age and all the ages before, marked by Periods– Neolithic, Mesolithic, and served on tectonic plates have such a  huge impact on life and on earth. Some of the growth is sustainable and sadly, some of it is not.

While some rise, others fall and it seems some malady or some catastrophic event might happen, like factories with no fire escapes.  So doesn’t it just make sense that legislation is put in place?

Think Google Glasses, modified that we might see what’s up ahead, around the bend, coming fast… why not?

We are, after all an aging nation. Dementia, senility and frailty are part of the human experience and we need to develop technology that addresses these issues, as people get on and off the train.

It makes me think of Lionel train sets, those miniature replicas of locomotives zooming around curves and not falling off the track, because they were engineered and properly weighted down to stay on track.   Watching them being remotely controlled with an electric transformer, going forward, reverse and at variable speeds.

In 1959, psychologists wrote that “…a child who controls a Lionel train today, will control his life tomorrow.”  I see technology like that and most definitely, I see it including girls… “All aboard!”




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