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Slotted Technology- Visionary


Dear Reader, if you’re reading this, then we are in all likelihood, still connected like slotted race cars.

But what if technology is a disruption to our way of life?

There’s a part of me that just wants to hurry up and get old, so that I can see innovative technology in its golden years, in all its glory! Both tweaked and fully operational, as it was destined to be and not just downloadable bits & pieces that we agree to patch.

Innovative technology that’s specifically bought & sold, without warranty because it’s guaranteed already fully functioning, as it was designed to do.

It would be extremely nice to have the technology work in my home, as well as it did at Apple’s Genius Bar and be less daunting. Or at the very least, serve beer or cocktail for a user friendly environment.

Because as I go from rock & roll to rocking chairs and Nana launchers, those Lazy-Boy chairs with the easy stand-up lift, I want to glimpse the really good technology.  The kind of technology that improves the human condition and turns lives around.

Truth is, we all need a little more giddy-up and go in our smart technology.  So innovative that we all agree on climate change; we all see our better selves and we realize in  Maya Angelou’s words: “We are more alike my friends, than we are different.”

A future where tolerance is celebrated, patience is enjoyed and respect is doled out in equal proportions.  Surely if we can make driver-less cars without adding slots to our highways and roadways, we can…

Visionaries see that there is more on earth and it’s worthy.   Me?  I’m hurrying up to grow old, so I can catch up to technology & stay connected to people like you.

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Technology & Nana Launchers

# Its the Cape

If the cape fits, shouldn’t it be mandatory that we wear it?

It takes a certain kind of human-being to open their arms to super changes.  To go from upright walking to riding then to flying: it’s not for the faint hearted.

Lately, society has been changing by leaps and bounds, Google moments that snatch our breath away and Facebook likes that remind us we’re not alone.

We frown upon divisive behavior and prefer to be more alike, than different.   And social media has a gauge that we can measure ourselves.  So yesterday’s popular vote isn’t relevant in next year’s campaign, because what’s good for the gander wasn’t successfully proposed by the goose.

Technology is like that, it identifies a problem and swoops in and fixes it!  Sometimes the changes are glaring and sometimes subtle, but lives are often better when the problem is solved.  Well, at least that’s how it ought to work.

And for the most part, it works well, because technology doesn’t care about special interest groups.   And despite doomsayers, naysayers and the Luddites, the world has benefitted, that is we’ve all managed to survive as the digital world turns!  So why wouldn’t we hold onto technology’s cape strings?

Next year is a Leap Year; it’s also an election year.  It wasn’t designed that way, but nonetheless our timing is impeccable, so after we vote we’ll have an extra day to agonize over our choices, presidential election years are like that, offering hope.

Which makes me think of superheroes and technology, because being hopeful allows the imagination to soar and gives birth to new realities.  What once seemed unattainable is within reach, a wish can come true and it’s silly to fretter away a dream.

After all, this isn’t our grandfather’s America!  There’ll be no rocking in a chair that’s been set out on the front porch.  Whittling away time, is not what we’ll do.   Besides we’ve done away with the front porch and opted for the side deck and patio umbrellas.  It only makes sense that we’ve also ditched the rocking chair.

Now we have overstuffed Lazyboy chairs.  Equipped with massagers and levers that when pulled, will activate the seat cushion to tilt upward at an angle that gets the sitter comfortably to their feet.  Now that’s technology!  I like to call it a Nana launcher.   I’ve imagined sneaking up behind Nana and pulling that lever, to send her airborne, flying across the room!

Then, all she’ll need will be a cape; one size fits all & unisex, just like technology.

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