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Like Asking Graphene To Dance


My foot was already in the shoe when my phone went off.  So I missed the call.  And I was filled with guilt. 

Not so long ago I was free.   I wasn’t tethered to my cellphone; back then “free” really meant free.  And the word wasn’t just used as a reply when asked about your weekend plans or the elated outcry after divorce proceedings. 

We thought everyone was entitled to freedom, and we blindly fought wars to that end.   But the world has changed; mostly our roles in it.

And having become a society of the “entitled”, we’ve also blindly given things up.  For me it’s been my freedom to dine out, to dance, to socialize without interruption.  Technology it seems prospers when the least amount of resistance is applied.  It doesn’t matter whether you get it, you’re getting it or you’re one of the one’s who already had it; it’s gone.

Because here’s the thing, technology is getting smarter and we’re getting older.  And technology doesn’t age.  Welcome to the Age of Technology.

Our grandparents wouldn’t have liked it in this world so much.  They didn’t like Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World either, too strange.  But that’s what the generation gap is all about; it’s only strange because it’s new.  Meanwhile the gap is widening, because the technology is getting smarter. 

Recently, I spoke with Don Fitts of AARP TEK, Life @50+ and he talked about hands on tech learning, where the youth will teach grandparents how to use day to day gadgets, like tablets.  How it will bring two generations together, and I thought brilliant!

Luckily our children, the offspring of our entitlement, have greatly benefitted from not being intimidated by technology.   In fact, they’re laid back, which allows the student to now become the perfect teacher. 

For me, there’s something nostalgic about our youth working with older citizens; like a Norman Rockwell magazine cover.  A universal moment in a commonplace situation; a snapshot that shows the connectivity between us all.

Truth is a Smartphone doesn’t by osmosis make any of us, anymore smart.  I can’t fix an iPad or the camera on my daughter’s Android phone.  

Which brings me to that missed phone call, as quiet as it’s kept; I’m happy I missed my daughter’s call.  For in that brief moment of time, I was free and I didn’t feel inadequate. 



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The Cloud, A Digital Hoarding

Smartphones, androids, MACS, tablets, iPads and PCs, require a lot of updating.  Data, it seems has become the virtual “stuff”.  And it’s as important to me, as my real-life belongings, so it stands to reason that I would use data storage, except, I wouldn’t call it the Cloud.

Clouds after all, those billowy white masses of vapor, often used as euphuisms to “get your head out of the clouds”; are also associated with gloominess and storms.  But somehow technology has changed the connotation of the word “cloud”, named for a thing that can’t even hold its own water.  Flipping its meaning to add the herculean task of defining the space used to store, access and manage data.  It’s ingenious!

digicloud 3Ironically, it’s cutting edge technology that makes me have so much stuff in the first place.  For as quickly as I adjust to one gadget, there’s new technology being introduced.  It started years ago, when one day my perfectly good television became obsolete; it didn’t have an RF port in the back.  I purchased the new cable-ready television and couldn’t throw out the old television.

Like most Americans, I became a conscientious guardian of the planet.  And cathode ray tubes, that made up the older television set could no longer be thrown into landfills.  So I packed it into a self-storage unit.  It was all very noble, this “Going Green”. 

As rapidly as new technology came out, my older technology went into my self-storage unit. I fancied myself a collector, after all I owned two 1st generation Atari Systems, different colors!

This brings me back to the Cloud, where all of my data information, files, folders, contacts, and photo galleries, my virtual “stuff” is stored.  How much will I amass?  Gigabytes and gigabytes and gigabytes of storage, all to an Openstack environment; where it will remain quite invisible to me, just like my self-storage unit.

I’m wise enough to know that there will be data breaches; Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA ) controversies over content matching and issues of plagiarism, and there’ll be some piracy.  Most of these won’t affect me.  I’ll be impressed as new technologies are introduced, as I am now.  And I’ll look forward to new encryptions and authentication technologies, including double authentication with fingertip swipes.  Nice.

In time, I won’t even look toward the Cloud and my old data files.  But I’ll know that it’s there and in a culture of hoarders, we can all say it’s my “stuff” and walk away, with our heads in the Cloud.

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April 7, 2014 · 5:14 PM